Skyjack Updates DC Scissor, Boom Lift Lines, Launches Elevate Live

Skyjack unveiled its ANSI A92.20 compliant scissor and boom lifts at the 2020 ARA Show, along with introducing a new feature of its telematics solution, Elevate Live.

Skyjack President Ken McDougall announced that all MEWPs will now be ANSI A92.20 compliant, following the retooling of the OEM’s assembly plant in December 2019.

Updates to its DC scissor lifts that go beyond the standard requirements will include a new Skycoded display unit, new control box, a valve-actuated emergency lower system, and new nomenclature for ANSI A92.20-compliant models, with the SJIII3219 becoming the SJ3219, for example.

With the changes to the boom lifts, most of Skyjack’s 40- and 60-ft. booms now feature a dual-capacity rating, following the success of the company’s SJ85 AJ. Updates include an increase in capacities across the board for its 40- and 60-ft. machines, ranging from 660-1,000 lbs. The majority of these machines will also see increased personnel ratings. The nomenclature for these machines will feature a “+” to identify the increased machine capacity, differentiating the new machines from their previous counterparts.

Skyjack also revealed new features to its Elevate telematics solution, including integrating a new Battery Management System and Elevate Live, which places all critical machine information on a single screen on a mobile device.

Developed as a solution to help rental companies and operators better meet the new ANSI A92.24 training requirements, Elevate Live does not require an app, username, or password. Users access the information by simply scanning a new QR code on the machine with their mobile device.

On machines that are equipped with Elevate, the code links to snapshot of the current state of the machine, including a simple percentage of battery life, last charge date, and recommended charging action. On a combustion machine, engine faults and daily usage metrics are displayed.

If a machine does not have Elevate telematics installed, the operator still has access to the familiarization material, operator manuals, and Elevate On visual precheck walk-throughs.