JCB Power Products

JCB Power Products offers an extensive range of high specification diesel generators to meet customer requirements for any power application globally. Each JCB generator is built to the highest specification to deliver outstanding reliability, high performance and increased efficiency.


JCB Towerlights

The JCB Lighting Tower is a compact, dedicated road towable lighting tower. Featuring a 9m hydraulically activated mast which can rotate 360 degree to ensure optimum light positioning, which supports 4 metal halide spotlights of 1000 watts and 90,000 lumens per spotlight or 6x240 W LED lamps.





JCB Access

JCB Access represents JCB's introduction to the powered access the market with an initial range of nine all-new, electric scissor model powered access machines. The full range has been developed in house, in secret for the past two years. With the goal of meeting the needs of both contractors and rental companies throughout the world.

The new range of machines have been built and certified to a higher standard using only high-quality components. They have also been fully designed with easy access to serviceability in mind.

Support and Servicing for JCB Access Machines

With access to 24/7 round the clock industry-leading customer support and expertise, as well as same-day engineer visits. JCB will be able to deliver unrivaled support for the powered access market. All of the JCB Access machines are made with highly durable and reliable parts if you do need a replacement part, then you can assured that a genuine replacement will be with you within 24 hours.

TUV Certified

The JCB Access range products have been certified by TUV and comply with the latest EN280 legislation, ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards. The platforms also comply with the latest ANSI & CSA legislation.


JCB’s 8-17 kVA

When you need reliable power and a compact solution, JCB’s 8-17 kVA models offer a versatile power generator.

The 8–17 kVA generators are built around industry recognised internal componentry. Powered by the 3 and 4 cylinder water-cooled Yanmar engine, this range offers superior performance and maximum reliability. Each generator is built to the highest standard just the same as our larger generators.



Proven power generation solutions

At the heart of the 700 – 2360 kVA JCB generator range is the fuel efficient Cummins engine range, providing a reliable power solution 

The Cummins engine provides outstanding performance levels and when packaged with a range of high quality components, this range offers reliability and versatility for Standby, Prime and continuous power applications.


Expect superior performance, low fuel consumption and increased efficiency.

Designed to deliver high performance in the most compact packages.

At the heart of this generator range is the JCB Diesel by Kohler engines. JCB’s engine range ensures tried and proven performance, economy and low noise to support you daily in any application.The G20QS to G45QS models are fitted with top-notch componentry to compliment the engine, including Mecc Alte alternators  and a standard-fit Deep Sea Electronics (DSE) control panel to maintain high performance, even in these smaller power generators.



World-class performance in a robust package

When productivity is key, the Mitsubishi engine provides high efficiency and stability to support all your power requirements.

When you need a generator you can depend on, this heavy duty range offers a versatile power solution to suit all power requirements. The Mitsubishi engines deliver quick response times and efficient operation, presenting a reliable power solution for critical applications.


Delivering low fuel consumption and increased efficiency

The JCB 4-Cylinder Dieselmax engine powers world-class performance for the most demanding environments and applications, making it an ideal engine to fit our QS generators.

At the heart of this range, JCB’s 4-cylinder Dieselmax engine provides the power, delivering low fuel consumption, increased efficiency and low noise to deliver superior performance, even in the harshest environments. A range of world-class components have also been fitted as standard to support the engine.


800-2500 KVA PERKINS

Robust and reliable power when it matters most

The Perkins 800 – 2500 kVA range provides a reliable and heavy duty engine range suitable for a variety of applications across 50Hz territories. Whether you require prime or critical back-up power, this JCB generator range delivers an efficient and reliable solution.

We understand the need to supply a power solution for a variety of different requirements, which is why this range of generators is a great choice. These engines offer outstanding load acceptance and improved emissions to fit a variety of power requirements, even the most extreme environments.


The most powerful models in the QS range are powered by JCB’s six-cylinder Dieselmax engine, delivering significant fuel saving and as much as 8% less fuel than competitive generators.

At the heart of this range is JCB’s 6 cylinder DieselMax. Based on the company’s successful 4.8-litre engine, you can expect the same great productivity and efficiency from a tried and tested engine.The DieselMax engines have 500-hour service intervals, low fuel economy and low noise levels, helping to deliver low operating costs and maximum uptime for customers, making these a great engine for our reliable generators.


275 - 720 KVA SCANIA

JCB’s 275-720 kVA power range uses the superior Scania engine to provide both fuel optimised and Stage IIIA models. If you need a reliable power source to deliver maximum uptime and optimised operating efficiency then a Scania engine is a great choice.

At JCB we understand that your power requirements can vary greatly across applications and industries. JCB generators provide the flexibility to be able to deliver the right power solutions for the right job. 

The preference for alternative fuels is becoming more and more common and our range of Scania generators can be run with alternative fuels to suit market preferences.


Significantly reduce your emissions and fuel use

The Battery Box provides an alternative power storage solution that can be positioned with any generator to significantly improve generator efficiency.

Wherever there is an off-grid application with a fluctuating and low load demand; the generator can be turned off, saving fuel and reducing emissions. As it has zero emissions and no noise, the power pack can be used indoors or in sensitive applications. The maximum depth of discharge can be set at 50% to prolong battery health.

The JCB Battery Box is compatible with all sizes and makes of generator and with mains supply electricity, allowing it to be efficiently charged on site. Packaged in a robust steel canopy, the Battery Box delivers up to 7kVA continuous power output with a 20kVA peak and is available in both 50Hz and 60Hz configurations.