Zoomlion has manufacturing bases around the world, among which there are 14 large industrial and technological parks in China. Zoomlion is the world's sixth-largest and China's largest construction machinery enterprise. In 2008, Zoomlion acquired CIFA, the world's third-largest concrete machinery manufacturer, which was the largest ever European acquisition by a Chinese company at the time. The business of Zoomlion consists of five sectors: construction machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy trucks, environmental business and financial services. Muscat Overseas Engineering Service Co LLC is the dealers of Zoomlion mobile crane which includes truck crane, rough terrain crane, crawler crane and all-terrain crane.

Zoomlion is committed to delivering innovative, advanced, quality products backed by excellence in localized support and expertise. Our dedication to the markets we serve is our pledge to bring an exceptional and consistent experience to our customers.




Truck Crane

  • ZTC250V431
  • ZTC250V531
  • ZTC300R532
  • ZTC550R532
  • ZTC250H431
  • ZTC250V531
  • ZTC250V531
  • ZTC300V532
  • QY55V532.2
  • ZTC550V532
  • QY55D531.2R
  • ZTC600V532
  • ZTC600R532
  • ZTC800R532
  • ZTC1100
  • ZTC1500
  • ZMC85



Crawler Crane

  • ZCC550H-1
  • ZCC750H-1
  • ZCC850H
  • ZCC100H
  • ZCC1300
  • QUY180
  • ZCC2600
  • ZCC5000



  • ZRT300
  • RT35
  • ZRT600
  • ZRT600E
  • ZRT850
  • RT100

All Terrain Crane

  • ZAT1500
  • ZAT2000
  • ZAT3000
  • ZAT4500